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We have a dedicated team of dancers in the Hamilton Branch, who are enthusiastic about showcasing Scottish Country Dancing to the public!

Our teams of six to eight dancers volunteer their time to perform at various venues such as halls, churches, parks and care facilities. January is often our busiest month, specifically late January , when we dance for groups celebrating the birth date of the beloved Scots’ poet, Robert Burns at Burns Suppers. We also entertain at events such as year end club banquets, ceilidhs and festivals. All that we require is a large open space and an electrical outlet for the sound equipment we bring. The dancers perform to Scottish Country Dance Band music provided on CDs. A typical dance performance of 20 or 30 minutes includes a variety of jigs, reels and slower tempo strathspeys that display many of our beautiful formations. Our team is often asked to include a couple of easy audience participation dances which are taught to the guests or spectators, depending on availability of space, and that’s always a lot of fun for everyone!


If you are interested in a Scottish Country Dancing presentation at a special event, please contact:


Dance Team Coordinator

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