The Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1923. The title "Royal" was added in 1952, making us known as "The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society" (RSCDS). The Hamilton Branch was the first Canadian branch, joining the society in 1954.

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Summer 2017  

  • Wednesday 2,9,16,23,30 August 6:30-8:30 - Dancing On The Dock Pier 8 - 47 Discovery Drive, Hamilton
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    Hamilton's Spring Ball Photos
    This year Rhonda Moore submitted photos taken at Hamilton's Spring Ball
    -- Below is one of the photos, then a link to the full set that Rhonda collected into a Photo Album.

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    Link to the photo Album --> [Photo Album]
    Hamilton's Annual Gala Photos
    This year Pat Baker submitted photos taken at Hamilton's Annual Gala
    -- Below is a photo of one of the evening's last social dances Collichur.
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    Links to Photos of each group that performed:
    [-- Hamilton Level 1 MacNab]
    [-- Hamilton Level 1 Erskine]
    [-- Hamilton Level 2 Social]
    [-- Hamilton Level 2 Technical]
    [-- Hamilton Level 3 Social]
    [-- Hamilton Branch Demonstration Team]
    [-- Grimsby Demonstration Team for Hamilton Gala]
    [-- St. Catherines Entertainment Group]
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    ( Because we're a FUN Branch )
                                                                              [CLICK on the picture to watch the video.]
    Quiz - How many of you believe you recognize 2 Hamilton RSCDS dancers and 3 Branch pipers in this video?
    (See Events page for full answer)

    Scottish Country Dance - Definitions/Instructions/Videos
    Scottish Country Dance Dictionary - Extensive set of Definitions for Scottish Country Dance terms with instructions and video links for hundreds of dances.

    Special Offers    -    (for  You,   Your Event,   Your Group!)
            -- Group Instruction
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            -- Skilled Demonstration Team Available  (contact Catherine Reid for booking or details)
                                                                        phone: 905-628-5837
            -- Ceremonial Piper Available  (contact Allan Wood for booking or details)
                                                                        phone: 905-628-1939